The Association’s History

The Association’s History

The Annie Walsh Memorial School (AWMS) Old Girls’ Association (UK Branch) was founded in 1984. On 19th January, 2016 it was entered onto the Register of Charities in England and Wales with the Registered Charity Number 1165222.

It was founded by the following ex-pupils:

Mrs Beatrice Ajibade
Mrs Joyce Anderson
Mrs Irene Buckle-Macauley (deceased)
Mrs Adeline Cole
Mrs Constance Cole-Wilson (deceased)
Mrs Robinca Jarrett
Mrs Lucinda Lake (deceased)
Mrs Patricia Nicol
Mrs Sally Quashie (deceased)
Mrs Gladys Sumner (deceased)


1984 -1985 Mrs Constance Cole-Wilson (deceased)
1985 – 1986 Mrs Robinca Jarrett {resigned midway}
1986 – 1987 Mrs Lucinda Lake {Caretaker President} (deceased)
1987 – 1989 Mrs Adeline Cole
1989 – 1991 Rev’d Marionette Macauley (deceased)
1991 – 1993 Mrs Adeline Cole
1993 – 1995 Mrs Nanette Horsford
1995 – 1997 Mrs Nanette Horsford
1997 – 1999 Mrs Florence Anderson
1999 – 2001 Mrs Florence Anderson
2001 – 2003 Mrs Sally Spain
2003 – 2005 Mrs Sally Spain
2005 – 2007 Mrs Nanette Johnson-Reid
2007 – 2009 Mrs Nanette Johnson-Reid
2009 – 2011 Mrs Margaret Riby-Williams
2011 – 2013 Mrs Nanette Johnson-Reid
2013 – 2015 Rev’d Nellie Showers
2015 – 2017 Rev’d Nellie Showers
2017 – 2019 Ms Mel Sawyer
2019 – 2021 Ms Mel Sawyer
2021 – 2023 Ms Claudia Bultman

Over the years the Association has grown to a total membership of around 300, with an average of 35 at actual monthly meetings and over 90 at virtual meetings. Members are kept informed of the affairs of the School through emails, minutes, newsletter, whatsapp, flyers, and of course, good old word of mouth. At least ten monthly meetings are held throughout the year – there is no meeting in August when the Association takes a break for the summer vacation.

Various events and activities are organized during the year with our annual Thanksgiving Service held on the third Sunday in March, our luncheon sale in June and a formal dinner/buffet dance in November.

The Association continues to offer scholarships to students in the school in Freetown. Individual AWOGA (UK) members also sponsor some students.

Below is a list of some of the contributions AWOGA (UK) has made to the School during the past three decades:
• helped to provide funding to build the School Chapel and later helped to fund the extension to it.
• donated containers of classroom materials and classroom furniture to furnish 6 classrooms and the staff room.
• helped to fund the setting up of a resource centre.
• donated computers, which are in use in the administrative office.
• funded the rebuilding of the Elk Street perimeter wall (21ft x7ft).
• donated laboratory materials and equipment to the Biology, Chemistry and Physics laboratories.
• donated materials and equipment for the Agriculture Department.
• donated 100 computers to start up IT suites for the senior and junior schools.
• 100 desk chair sets to furnish 2 classrooms (average class sizes – approximately 50 pupils).
• Part-funded the refurbishment of the Chemistry Laboratory.
• subsidised the payment of teachers and ancillary staff salaries.
• Part-funded the renovation of the school hall in 2016.
• funded 10 classrooms in 2016/17 for AWMS privatisation
• 2 individual AWOGA (UK) members funded a classroom each.
We continue to fundraise, seeking donations from members, patrons, families, friends and well-wishers of the Association, as the school requires a lot of help, encouragement and support.
We are very grateful to those who, in various ways, continuously support the Association’s endeavours.

Long live our Association ~ Long live the Annie Walsh Memorial School.