Inter-House Challenge

Ladies – with our biggest fundraising events for this year cancelled due to Covid-19, our alternative overarching fundraising theme is now our
The challenge is for each House to raise a minimum of £2,000.

The challenge is for each House to raise a minimum of £2,000.

Throughout this challenge all ex pupils of the Annie Walsh Memorial School (AWMS) are encouraged to:
1) Participate in AWOGATHON 2020 – _more details to follow soon_
2) Make ad hoc donations to their House crowdfunding platform at any time in order to boost their chances of winning.
Examples could be:* Family Birthdays (past, present or future) * Anniversaries
* Gift of Waking Up / Life * Feeling competitive
The list is endless so feel free to make it up as you go along…
any excuse to come out tops
For now all you (*ALL* ex pupils of the AWMS) need to do is *sign up to your House WhatsApp group* using the appropriate link below:

HAMBLET HOUSE            POLE HOUSE                     SASS HOUSE


We will in the near future disseminate information via your House WhatsApp group regarding accessing your House‘s crowdfunding platform and other details.
Any questions please contact Nadia Palmer on 07950917172 by text/WhatsApp. *Please do not post on the main AWOGA Forum*.
_*Please forward this poster on to any ex pupils of the AWMS*_

awogathon flyer

Note: We have reached out to members who are not on the WhatsApp forum by email and will also do so by snail mail.

*Good luck with the challenge!!*

awogathon flyer


Select your House & Assistant House Captains .Post messages of encouragement related to house fundraising only.Any unrelated messages will result in penalties.Postings to be made between 8am and 10pm only.As part of joining your House WhatsApp group you must be identifiable to all.Once released please forward the Crowdfunding link to your friends and family so that they can sponsor you.

*Good luck with the challenge!!*

awogathon flyer